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GalsaPoultry Processing Centre
Our Poultry Processing Centre (CPA) is located in Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo (Ourense) together with the Group’s head offices. More than 1,000 people work in these premises. The complex has 50,000 square metres of covered area and received a €120 M investment. Given its dimension, avant-garde and cutting-edge features, it is one of the most advanced facilities in the European Union.

In the CPA, farms’ poultry production is managed as well as the majority of the prepared products and it´s also the the headquarters of Gallega de Alimentación –society which commercialises the range of poultry products to the different selling channels.

Mission and Values

We generate wealth in a sustainable way by being highly competitive and keeping our unity.

Meet our values

Animal Welfare

Animal breeding with the highest comfort. Anticipation in the application of welfare European regulations.


More than 60 people participate in R&D projects. Strategic alliance with the Xunta for R&D 2015-2018 projects.


Controls in all of the steps of the production chain in order to guarantee the highest quality. Accreditations by independent organisms that endorse Coren’s processes and products.


Pioneers in implementing traceability systems. Control of every production phase, from the very beginning to the very end –when the consumer receives the product–.

Environmental commitment

Sustainable farming production. Modern environmentally friendly technologies in farms and companies.

Our goal

quotes_open Our products are 100% Galician,produced and industrialised in Galicia quotes_close

A trajectory of more than 50 years oriented to the pursuit of quality has allowed the CPA turning into a referent within the poultry farming market.

The goal of the Poultry Processing Centre is ensuring consumers’ satisfaction while taking products of the highest quality to their tables. Therefore, we have pioneered in implementing traceability systems that back food safety completely. Besides, we manage every phase of the production process completely, by applying strict quality controls for each of them.


Animal welfare and environment

The contribution to the development of the rural world and animal welfare are two of the main values of our Poultry Processing Centre that are taken into account from the beginning for guaranteeing the best breeding conditions.


Consumer satisfaction

We want to be a close and available brand for consumers and we want to live up to the trust they put on us for their complete satisfaction.

At the same time, we are aware of the consumers’ concern towards a healthy diet and we constantly incorporate new healthy and natural references that are suitable for the whole family.

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Santa Cruz De Arrabaldo S/N 32990 - Ourense
988 36 94 00 cpa@coren.es
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